“As a woman, I’m proud to say that I work for a company that has acknowledged women’s contribution to the workforce and has provided us the opportunity to work in equal conditions as our male coworkers. I really appreciate that this is not just a speech, but a reality.”


~ Operations Specialist

“My recruiter has always been there to support me and answer any concerns I have. He checks in to see how I am doing. It really shows how the company cares about its employees. At Avispa Technology, the entire team is there to support you. I would definitely recommend working with them!”


~ Marketing Coordinator

“I had a wonderful experience working with Avispa. I was first contacted by a technical recruiter, and she was very helpful throughout the whole recruitment process. I was then connected with their HR Operations lead, and she supported me with the internal processes. Overall, it was a great experience!”


~ Marketing Manager

“A recruiter from Avispa reached out to me about a position. The entire process from speaking with the recruiter and scheduling an interview to hire was fast and smooth. When I asked questions, I got a response within minutes. Overall, great experience.”


~ Contractor

“Avispa reached out to me at a strange time. The world changed due to the pandemic, and I was in a high-stress role at the time. Avispa helped me get hired as a contractor, which led to a full-time-employee role. The staff is incredibly understanding. Rothman Moncayo, the CEO, cares about his people and contractors. It’s been one of the best experiences of my professional career, and without Avispa I wouldn't be where I am now.”


~ Trust & Safety Specialist

“My overall experience with Avispa was very positive from beginning to end. My recruiter was very professional, responsive and supportive, and cared about my success with my interviews. He checked in with me before and after my interviews, was able to negotiate higher pay for me and was very transparent throughout the process.”


~ Product Marketing Manager

“Avispa offers great benefits and opportunities, especially for freelancers. Communication was very clear, and they always answered any questions I had in a timely manner.”


~ Content Coordinator

“They were tremendous at helping me get hired into my current role. They also were very prompt and thorough in answering my questions. Even when issues regarding start date, equipment delivery and timesheet problems came up, they were professional in working through it with me, and we achieved satisfactory outcomes.”


~ Contractor

“I have been working with Avispa for a couple of months, and they were instrumental in me getting hired at my current company. They offered me all the tools I needed to be successful, and after finding the job, they’re still helpful whenever I need anything. Plus, the pay is more than generous.”


~ Project Manager

“I have been with Avispa for almost a year. I have had some personal tragedy in that year, and they have been amazing to me. They are understanding and help with anything. I love working for this company.”


~ Contractor